Euclidian Trust Partners

Partnerships with clients, vendors, solution providers, and other innovators helps make our business more successful. Euclidian Trust brings a wide variety of partnerships to the table to help achieve success across the broad ecosystem of customer needs.  Below you will find our business partners and our collaborations.

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clearAvenue is Federal Government systems integrator with an award-winning track record of delivering solutions like COTS product deployment, systems development and integration, infrastructure operations, and cloud migration. They have great success comes down to repeatable and comprehensive application of Agile/DevOps like Scrum and Kanban.

Euclidian Trust and clearAvenue collaborate in the federal government markets in large scale identity management, Big Data analysis, fraud detection, healthcare outcome analysis, and data strategies.

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Immersion Consulting

Immersion Consulting has ten years of experience delivering financial management, program management, technology services, and workforce training in both public and private sectors. Their expertise lies in deployment of data analytics tools and network infrastructure and security products...not simply to get the technology sold, but to meet the customer business objectives.

Euclidian Trust and Immersion Consulting are working together in state and local government to deploy solutions that leverage both the matching expertise and tools from Verato as well as the data preparation and analytics from Datawatch Monarch. Further, both companies are working towards a new level of security visualization and analytics for the Federal markets.

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IQ Exchange

IQ Exchange (IQX) has built and launched an innovative platform for human capital management. Their exchange solution allows for low-cost resource identification and sharing between companies and even within large enterprises. They have coined the term Trusted Workforce on Demand to reflect the continuous measurement of the efficacy and security associated with workforces across enterprises.

Euclidian Trust and IQX have formed an alliance to allow the surfacing of bleeding edge workforce trust measurements and skills assessment as part of the human capital transactions facilitated by IQX.

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Rhodes Edge

Rhodes Edge provides a platform for the deployment of solutions and services that enable large enterprises and public sector clients to increase security, awareness, and the ability to identify vulnerabilities and fraud both within your organization and from outside entities. Their particular strength is getting primary source data from difficult to access data sources.

Euclidian Trust works closely with the Rhodes Edge team to identify additional outlets for their capabilities. Further, Euclidian Trust uses Rhodes Edge data in concert with the services offered by Verato to help build more comprehensive picture of individuals in positions of trust. The focus of the relationship is deployment of leading edge counter-fraud solutions to entities who have stagnated in legacy data strategies.

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stackArmor is a leading Amazon Web Services integrator and reseller. The leadership and development team has extensive experience with standardization of the deployment of complex and highly-secure solutions.  Their focus is transition and optimization in cloud and hybrid-cloud environments and the associated standardization of deployment, security, and operations management.

Euclidian Trust leverages stackArmor tools, methodologies, services, and personnel in the implementation of secure data exchange and cloud-based analysis platforms. Euclidian Trust implements the standard stackArmor micro-services solution for speeding deployment of customer solutions in a secure environment.

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UFT Commercial Finance

UFT Commercial Finance is built upon a philosophy of innovation and creativity as the basis to meet the needs of the credit market. In the post-2008 era, they have pioneered the design and introduction of a new credit asset class, the Master Credit Participation Certificate or "CPC". With a suite of 26 unique credit products that span the yield curve, the CPC is fundamentally changing the relationship among the investment participants that acquire them. This next generation credit solution brings fungibility, agility and new sources of yield generation to the credit sector, providing forward-thinking investors with a manageable investment alternative for introducing global, complex, credit solutions to their portfolios with great confidence and with a view to enhancing overall yields. 

Euclidian Trust is partnering with UFT Commercial Finance to lay the data strategy ground-work, and eventually implement, real-time visibility into underlying assets. This foundational innovation will alter the way commercial credit is implemented globally and allow for real-time trading of credit assets.



Verato offers a cloud-based matching platform that links and matches identities across disparate databases or organizations with the highest accuracy rates in the industry. Verato leverages an extensive self-learning database of U.S. identities as a reference, or universal “answer key.” And because it is cloud-based, the Verato platform is less expensive, faster to implement, and more scalable than traditional matching technology.

Euclidian Trust is a reseller of the Verato platform where it makes sense...when the customer needs additional functionality, data, analytics, or business integration on top of the world-class matching. We collaborate in healthcare, retail, government, hospitality, and the financial services sectors.

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WEOPTIT is the global leader in AI for cost modeling and  optimization in logistics and transportation. Their success is largely due to algorithm speed, nimbleness, and deep focus in the supply chain marketplace. Over the last four years, WEOPTIT has successfully expanded their competency base with their growing multi-national and public sector experience. Their machine learning, neural networks, and deep learning algorithms are delivering solutions for countering bank fraud, optimizing marketing outcomes, and predicting financial markets for Fortune 100 companies.

Euclidian Trust has partnered with WEOPTIT to incorporate their solutions into identity management (KYC), fraud detection (KYCC), risk controls (AML), and behavioral pattern recognition and prediction on a global scale.