Our Mission Guides Our Team, Every Day


A Quality Experience

  • We offer a premium experience by engaging customers and users with automation tailored to simplify:
    • acquisition of our solution,
    • enterprise enrollment,
    • configuration and enhancement, and
    • security and privacy protection.
  • We care about the details and solve the most complex edge cases by asking, “How would we do this if we could do it perfectly?” and charting our course to make this happen.
  • We guide our customers through contextualization where trust measures and underlying data will be analyzed differently based upon business need and constraints.

Security and Privacy

  • We focus on security and privacy by design, built in for the outset, continuously monitored, and updated based upon threats, customer needs, and national policy awareness.
  • We integrate data from the customer’s enterprise and external sources as part of our analysis, but technically isolate enterprise data to prevent improper access and use.
  • We offer our customers operational transparency and service management by giving our customers intelligent views of the trust measures they are using (and also want to use)
  • We share security and privacy data bi-directionally with our customers so to improve comprehensive visibility.

Precision and Accuracy

  • We know computers can't replace humans, and we leverage human intuition to guide our algorithms when prudent.
  • We create innovative ways to obtain and evaluate the confidence and independence of data used to measure trust in a transaction:
    • continuously seek sources of primary data,
    • orthogonal verification data, and
    • data indicators of incipient changes.
  • We increase accuracy by considering lifecycle simplification and engaging customers in new ways to abstract complexity:
    • direct integration into business solutions,
    • acquiring, improving, and protecting enterprise data, and
    • modernizing interfaces as our customer modernize their platforms.

Customer Empowerment

  • Users are empowered, to the greatest extent possible, to understand the data being used to assess the trust of the transactions in which they participate.
  • We provide continuous monitoring of trust by applying artificial intuition and feedback to identify:
    • changes in data sources that would question accuracy and authority,
    • attributes of entities as well as individuals and how they are related, and
    • applying dynamic algorithmic solutions that change with the world around them.
  • Entities, individuals, and users are encouraged dispute assessments and associated information when it is incorrect or needs clarification. We encourage the contribution of supplemental information to improve trust.